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About the colours of the Silver Shadow

From the beginning Rolls-Royce offered many "standard" colours. During the years the Silver Shadow was sold many colours were added and many colours were deleted. For the list of standard colours I used some Sales Manuals, a handbook for the salesman of Rolls-Royce and Bentley. In the sales Manual the available colours were always listed. For this website I used the Sales Manuals from 1966, 1971, 1974, 1978 and 1979. For determining the periods in which the colours were sold, I have used my own database that contains more than 18,000 Silver Shadows and Bentleys T (including Corniches, Camargues, etc.).

Every colour was optional
In principle a customer of Rolls-Royce could order his Silver Shadow, T, Camargue or Corniche in every colour he (she) wished. Many customers used this option and ordered a colour that had a special meaning in their personal life.
Non-standard colours cost in 1966 $ 90 extra (US) for the exterior and $ 110 for the interior. In 1975 this extra price was 111.45 (UK).
Non-standard colouring needed a lengthening of the productiontime of about 4 weeks. This extra time was in 1971 increased to 12 weeks.

Colour codes
The colour codes of the standard colours are mentioned on the page of the standard exterior colours. However, it is risky to use these codes for painting your car without testing the result in front. Today paints have another chemical composition and a carefully chosen colour can easily differ from the "old" colour of your car. I emphasize to test the colour before you paint your car. Also have a look at Disclaimer.
Today paints often cannot be applied to old paints. It is possible that the chemical action of the paints influence each other and damage the paint. It is recommended to apply a bare metal respray. To be sure get all the information you need from specialists before starting to paint your car.

Paint suppliers
Rolls-Royce had contracted several paint suppliers. Most colours were supplied by ICI, who delivered more than 75% of the colours. Another supplier was INMONT, who delivered colours like Cardinal red and Moorland green. VALENTINE was supplier of the colours Sage green and Smoke green. And PINCHIN JONES delivered the colour Sable. The last supplier was MASON whose name was connected to the very popular colour Mason's black. But Mason also delivered colours like the striking Tudor red.

Two-tone colourschemes
Two-tone colourschemes were combinations of two colours, one at the upper side of the car, the other at the lower side. These colourschemes were delivered at no extra cost. Many buyers of a Silver Shadow choose for a two-tone scheme. For more information have a look at the page that is dedicated to the two-tone colourschemes.
When on this site a colourscheme is called "black over red", then the upper colour is black and the lower colour is red.

The Fine-lines
Fine lines are hand painted in a colour chosen by the customer and noted on the order form. There are normally two lines, one above and one below the plated waist finisher. Lines are also painted on the wheel disc plates. On the two small pictures on this page the fine lines are clearly shown. They are painted on the 1974 Silver Shadow Long Wheelbase LRC20551 in the colour Cardinal red.

A 1969 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Mulliner Park Ward 2-doors saloon, CRH7110, waiting for a new colour.


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