Rolls-Royce Corniche S

Full name

Rolls-Royce Corniche S



- Year of production: 1995
- Production number: 25
- Percentage of the complete production: 0,06%



- In the chassisnumber every Corniche S has on the first 12 positions the next characters: SCAZC03C?SCX where the ? is a varying control-digit. So all Corniches S are left-hand drive.
- The first Corniche S is SCAZC03C7SCX50086, the last one is SCAZC03C2SCX50156.


What makes this model unique

- A turbo engine that was mounted only on this model and on the technically identical Bentley Continental Turbo
- All unique properties of the Corniche IV
- Red badge on the radiator grille and a numbered plaque in the cubby box
- Identification plate "CORNICHE S" on the boot lid in the red colour


Further details and special features

The Corniche S had the same turbo engine and suspension as the Rolls-Royce Flying Spur saloon that was launched in 1995. All 25 cars were sold in the US.
The Corniche IV (from 1992) was build in Willesden. The Corniche S was build in Crewe as an homage and as a finish of an era.

The identification plate of the Corniche S.
Picture: the plate of the SCAZC03C0SCX50104 from 1995.

A Corniche S can't be recognised by outer distinguishing marks with regard to a Corniche IV except with regard to the red badge and red identification plates.
Picture: the SCAZC03C3SCX50103 from 1995.

Picture: the SCAZC03C0SCX50104 from 1995.

The Corniche S has some specialties, like these signs on the dashboard.
Picture: the SCAZC03C0SCX50104 from 1995.


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