Rolls-Royce Corniche IV

Full name

Rolls-Royce Corniche IV



- Production years: from 1992 up to and including 1995
- Production number: 219
- Percentage of the complete production: 0,5%



- The first 5 characters of the chassisnumber of the Corniche IV are the next characters and digits: SCAZD. The following 3 characters are 00A, 02A, 02C, 00D or 02D. The 9th character is a varying control-digit. On the 10th position there is a N, P, R or S. On the 11th position stands a C. The right-hand drive Continental has on the 12th position always a H, the left-hand drive has a X.
- The first Corniche IV of the 40000-series (1992 and 1993) is SCAZD02A9NCX40001, the last one is SCAZD02A1PCH40533; the first one of the 50000-series (1994 and 1995) is SCAZD02C5RCX50001 and the last one is SCAZD02C5SCH50170; the numbers of the Corniche IV were mixed with the Anniversary-series, the Corniche S, the Continental and the Continental Turbo.


What makes this model unique

- All unique properties of the Corniche II and III
- Changes with regard to the Corniche III are for example: an ABS-system, 2 airbags, a four-speed automatic gearbox, the hood construction, dashboard changes, and so on. From 1994 on (chassisnumbers in the 50000-series) the Corniche IV was constructed with a heated rear window of glass.
- Identification plate "CORNICHE IV" on the boot lid


Further details and special features

Probably the Corniche IV could not be delivered with a two-tone paint scheme. Anyhow, I didn't discover one in all these years.

In 1992 (and 1993) 25 Anniversary examples were made by the occasion of the 21 years of existence of the Corniche convertible. These Anniversaries all have the colour Ming Blue with cream-coloured leather hood and magnolia upholstery. They can be recognised by the special Anniversary wheel covers.

The identification plate of the Corniche IV.
Picture: the plate of the SCAZD02C2SCX50074 from 1995.

A Corniche IV can't be recognised by outer distinguishing marks with regard to a Corniche III. But there were some versions of aluminium wheels.
Picture: the SCAZD02D2PCX40516 from 1993.

From 1994 the electrical convertible top was delivered with a glass rear window that could be heatened.
Picture: the SCAZD02C2SCX50074 from 1995.

This is the 19e of the 25 Anniversary Corniches IV from 1993. The blue hood has replaced the original cream coloured hood. Inset: the special Anniversary wheel cover.
Picture: the SCAZD02D9PCX40111 from 1993.


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