Rolls-Royce Corniche II

Full name

Rolls-Royce Corniche II



- Production years: from 1986 up to and including 1989, on non-American markets from 1988
- Production number: 1.228
- Percentage of the complete production: 3,0%



- The first 5 characters of the chassisnumber of every Corniche II are: SCAZD. The following 3 characters are 000, 00A, 02A, 42A or 02D. The 9th character is a varying control-digit. The 10e position is a F, G, H, J or K. On the 11th position there is a C. The right-hand drive Continental has on the 12th position always a H, the left-hand drive has a X.
- The first Corniche II is SCAZD42A5GCX13162, the last one is SCAZD02A8KCX29289; the numbers were mixed with the Bentley Continental, Silver Spirit and derivatives.


What makes this model unique

- All unique properties of the Corniche convertible
- Colour-keyed bumpers and mirrors
- Special Corniche II wheel covers
- Two spaced exhausts; from chassis number 20011 a single exhaust
- Chrome rim around the wheel arches
- Third brake light on the boot lid
- Reversing lights and fog lights at the rear are located besides the licence plate
- Identification plate "CORNICHE II" on the boot lid


Further details and special features

- The Corniche II could also be delivered with two-tone paint scheme.

The type Corniche II was only launched in 1986 and not when the Silver Shadow II was launched.
Picture: the identification plate of the SCAZD42A9GCX13410 from 1986.

The Corniche II was visually rather much changed. It got colour-keyed bumpers and mirrors, a rim around the wheel arches and modern wheel covers.
Picture: the SCAZD02A8JCX23944 from 1988.

The Corniche II has a third brake light on the boot lid and fog lights and reversing lights besides the licence plate.
Picture: the SCAZD02A8JCX23877 from 1988.

The two-tone paint scheme could be delivered but was hardly ordered on the Corniche II. These are the colours Georgian silver over Royal blue.
Picture: the SCAZD02A9KCX29088 from 1989.


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