Bentley Continental (1985 - 1989)

Technical identical to the Rolls-Royce Corniche II

Full name

Bentley Continental



- Production years: from 1985 up to and including 1989
- Production number: 194
- Percentage of the complete production: 0,4%



- The first 5 characters of the chassisnumber of these Continentals are: SCBZD. The following 3 characters are 000, 00A, 02A, 42A or 02D. The 9th character is a varying control-digit. The 10e position is a F, G, H, J or K. On the 11th position there is a C. The right-hand drive Continental has on the 12th position always a H, the left-hand drive has a X.
- The first Continental is SCBZD0001FCH09030, the last one is SCBZD00A2KCH29290; the numbers were mixed with the Corniche II, Silver Spirit and derivatives.


What makes this model unique

- All unique properties of the Corniche convertible
- Colour-keyed radiator grille vanes (except on white cars), bumpers and mirrors
- Special Continental aluminium wheels
- Twin exhaust
- Chrome rim around the wheel arches
- Third brake light on the boot lid
- Rear reversing lights and fog lights are located besides the licence plate
- Identification plate "BENTLEY" on the left and "CONTINENTAL" on the right on the boot lid


Further details and special features

Not applicable.

The Continental was visually rather much changed. It got colour-keyed radiator grille vanes, bumpers and mirrors, a rim around the wheel arches and modern aluminium wheels.
Picture: the DBJ23375 from 1988.

The Continental has a third brake light on the boot lid and fog lights and reversing lights besides the licence plate. The left identification plate mentions "BENTLEY", the right one "CONTINENTAL".
Picture: the SCBZD42A7HCX16755 from 1987.

Also with a closed hood the Continental looks very beautiful, like can be seen at this late example of the Continental with technical specifications like the Corniche II.
Picture: the SCBZD02A5KCX29150 from 1989.


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