Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II

1979, LRK36155, two-tone red

This two-tone red Silver Wraith II with red everflex and dark red hides with red piping is located in Ouagadougou in the African state Burkina Faso.

The car had two owners in California, the last one named Carlisle. The car left Los Angeles on 2nd April 2006 and arrived at Ouagadougou on 19th May 2006 in a special container. The trip went from LA via Houston and Algeciras (Spain) to Lomé (Togo) and further by truck to Ouagadougou. The present owner is a Frenchman who lives in Africa.
The car is rather unique in Burkina Faso. As far as the owner knows there are only two Rolls-Royces there, this Silver Wraith II and a 1978 Corniche, that can be seen on these pictures too.
The car has been repainted, probably in 1990. The original colour was cream. The number plate is a special order for this car.


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