Bentley Camargue

1985, SCBYJ000XFCH10150, Forest green

This Bentley Camargue is a one-off, a car that has been produced only once. The car was made as a special order of a customer and is the same car as a Rolls-Royce Camargue of the same year of manufacturing, except for the badges and the grille. The bonnet that was used on the normal Rolls-Royce Camargue and that matched the 10 centimeter wider grille, was also used on this Bentley. So there had to be made a unique Bentley-grille for this car.

The Bentley Camargue above is often confused with the car below. The car below however, is the Delta 1 (D1), the very first Camargue that was built as a prototype and that was not provided with a chassis number.
The first official experimental Camargue was code-named D1 (project "Delta"). The D1 was finished in 1972 and had a Bentley grille. The Bentley grille was less protruding when it still was an experimental car and besides that the initial plan was to produce a high performance Bentley version with a turbo. Yet the Camargue was designed as a Rolls-Royce with a 10 centimeter wider grille than on the Silver Shadow. On September 21st 1982 the D1 was deleted with more than 62,000 miles of history.


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