Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

1968, SRH4119, Shell grey

The colour "Shell grey" was very popular in the first years of this model. This copy has red fine lining and a beige interior.
This car has been delivered to a Mr Vickers from England on February 28 1968. Already a year later the car was sold to a counsel office in the region of London. The history afterwards is not clear but in 1990 the car is sold to Edward Garlock from Pasadena, USA. Garlock possessed the car untill 1999 when the car was sold to a fruiterer from Ingen, the Netherlands. During shipping the fruiterer went bankrupt and the car was used for clearing off a debt to a creditor from Maurik. He put the car in a barn and dit not touch upon the car during 3 years. Then it was discovered by the contributor of these pictures who bought the car in 2003 as an addition to his collection of more than 250 Rolls-Royce miniatures. After a brake overhaul, replacement of the battery, 2 dampers, exterior lighting, several rubbers, tubes and hoses and a major service the car got a new licence number on May 14 2003. This owner sold the car in June 2005.

The Silver Shadow when found in the barn in Maurik in 2003. The car had a British licence plate at the front.

At the rear was still mounted a licence plate from its American period. From this period the side-marker lamps must date, the reflectors at the rear and front of the car sides. In 1968 these lamps were not yet used.

The Silver Shadow SRH4119 in the condition it is used from May 2003.


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